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MARCH Growler/Farnum Hill day will be THURSDAY,  MARCH 14, 12-5:30PM.
Now that the days are longer we can stay open after five, hope this helps some of you get here in time!

We have growler batches very similar to Extra Dry and Extra Dry Still, plus a wee drop left of one singularly floral, still "Dooryard" batch that will be gone forever when it's gone.

And of course the bottles (Extra Dry), cans ("Farmhouse") and  bagnums (Extra Dry Still) are also available up here. Delicious for any occasion, (also, prime gifts for people with wide-awake palates).  They're also available in NH liquor stores & Co-op Food Stores.

Whether or not we see you up here in the barn, we wish you all the jolly, delicious, fun moments that March can offer! Providing we're all bundled up outdoors till mid-April. That's why we're still showing the snow photos, and hoping for old-time low temperatures. (Hoping for a long, cold transition into Spring weather. Early warmth brings early bud-break in the orchards... which greatly increases the danger of a snap freeze that can kill off all or part of an apple crop...
If you ever see our Instagram you might have caught our re-shoot of Groundhog Day, since the Pennsylvania version was just all wrong this year!)

P.S. We also have Farnum HIll Ciders hoodies, S thru XXL, for anyone in the mood for merch. They're mid-weight, layer well, great for a long cold transition to Spring.

WEB Retail Honesty Hoodies 960w

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(The last Fall Growler Day 0f 2023 was November 12.)

OLD NEWS of 2023

Fall Growler Days start September 9th, continue every Saturday through October.
That's every Saturday - Mark your calendars.
Saturdays we'll be staffed to offer all our alcoholic beverages,  once a week, unless some special occasion crops up! 
Feel free to email suggestions for special occasions: write Louisa: This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.

What's going on? You may have heard that a freak overnight freeze in May destroyed some apple crops? That happened here. Branches are not bending! Come walk the aisles, see perky apple trees taking a break! So we're doing a different fall season this year, welcoming people to roam, offering Farnum Hill Ciders & local treats for sale, but not selling apples... Here's the gist.
Thursdays through Sundays, we will be open 10AM-5PM.
On Saturdays only, we'll offer Farnum Hill Ciders. Credit cards will work on Saturdays.

On Thursdays, Fridays and Sundays, we'll set up an honesty box in the retail stand: That means cash or check ONLY.

Local treats? Syrup, maple candy, honey, jams and jellies, mums early on, gourds and pumpkins later.
To you who've shopped the November retail stand in past years, with the honesty box, it will be like that but... without apples.

Fun in the fields and woods: Picnic tables will be out, fields and walking trails will be open. Hanging out/running around/playing will be encouraged.

This year might be the time to join the email reminder list: email Louisa at the address below. We won't pound you with emails.

Year-Round Growler Day info:
Usually Thursday, sometimes Saturday. Follow the arrows when you arrive at the farm on Poverty Lane. 
Bring your half-gallon containers, they need not be our growlers.
Growler refills in your container cost $10. 
If you need growlers, we sell new ones for $3.50 (glass has gone up again.)

All FHC products available for taste and sale besides of course the growler batch(es?). 
More questions? Call the Fruit Phone, 603/448-1511 or email Louisa at This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.


Call (603)448-1511 or write This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. for more info.