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We're nose to nose with an apple bud ju-u-ust before the pink tips of bloom begin to show.  Here the weather has stayed cool-to-cold for over two weeks, so buds have swelled very, very slowly. To date, the dreaded night freeze has not struck here - though a few of our orchard pals have been less lucky this year.  (Severe bud damage has hit our place in recent years - seemingly the pain gets shared around over time.) Once a few warm days arrive, and first bloom opens, it's time for flower photos. Then we root for pollination...

Meanwhile can we all please feel amazed by those pale-green shapes coming out of just one little brown pointy object that quietly lived through winter?  It's unpacking six entire flowers and a clutch of leaves. Similar mighty marvels are powering along everywhere, on every growing thing! It takes some stop-and-look to really get the full wow factor into our heads.  Then - go ahead, be awed and dazzled by every bud on every tree or shrub or growing thing around us!. Wherever your local plant life grows - between paving stones, anyplace - it's showtime!  A mind-blowing spectacle, free and open to all.  You who live in southern climes may not catch the full drama here. You get to see different plants put on this budding-out spectacle throughout the year.  Here's hoping you pick up a thrill from it anyway.  We wish everyone strength and good luck, wherever you are.  LDS

Web Orchard Black Hill Aisles pre bloom 650w