The next GROWLER DAY is now set for Thursday February 18, noon till five PM. Call 603/448-1511 with any questions.

(Other Farnum Hill ciders are available too, though finding them at local stores is more convenient.) The growler day keg setup will be back in the old place, the cider room down in the big brown barn - park at the bottom of the yard, look for arrows, walk in through the weird old door. If this is your first growler day, just follow the signs. You can buy new half-gallon growlers here for $3 each and re-use them indefinitely. Or bring whatever half-gallon containers you have. Tight caps are required!

Always sanitize your growlers at home
 before bringing them in! We'll spot-sanitize where there's any contact but we can't do the full job on people's growlers. Bring them in nice and shiny.

OBVIOUSLY MASKS will be required! We'll all keep our distance, and again we'll sanitize contact points between our equipment and your growlers.

Future Growler Days will be scheduled roughly twice a month. To know exactly, call (603)448-1511 to sign up for growler alerts, or email from our contact page HERE

All further suggestions welcome at (603)448-1511 or write Louisa at This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.