August Growler Day will be Thursday August 24th, 12-5 PM 

Come replenish your supply of cool, radically dry orchard ciders, perfect for summer! 

Sneak preview: August 24 will be the last regular Growler Day before we go to our (radically reduced) 2023 Fall retail schedule, which will basically be Growler Day every Saturday all through Fall. More info to come!
(Hint - it's because all the Pick-Your-Own and retail apples froze on the trees in May. So we'll be open once a week for people who'd like Farnum Hill ciders, maple syrup, honey, etc and maybe a nice walk or the use of a picnic table.)

If you'd like to join the email reminder list, email Louisa at the address below.

Routine Growler Day info:
Usually a Thursday, sometimes a Saturday. Follow the arrows when you arrive at the farm on Poverty Lane. 
Bring your half-gallon containers, they need not be our growlers.
If you need growlers, we sell new ones for $3.50 (glass has gone up again.)

All FHC products available for taste and sale besides of course the growler batch(es?).

Fills are $10, and you can taste/buy our bottled and canned ciders as well.
Any half-gallon container you have will do fine. New glass growlers here are $3.50 (glass has gone up.)

To receive Growler Day notifications, please email This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. & we'll add you to the email list.

Growlers are re-fillable half-gallon jugs that you can bring up the hill for filling on - no surprise - Growler Days. We try for at least one Growler Day a month through the year. Most are on Thursdays, some are on Saturdays. Feel free to wander around in the orchards!

Basic facts 1-7:
1. Bring any suitable half-gallon jugs to fill with our  dry, delicious Farnum Hill orchard ciders (7.5% alcohol by volume). You don't have to buy our growlers.
2. Refills on Growler Day cost $10.
3. New growlers cost $3 apiece.
4. We pour tastes of all the growler batches available.
5. We also do tastes/sales of Farnum Hill pre-bottled/canned ciders: Extra Dry, Extra Dry Still, and Farmhouse. 
6. The FHC bottles & cans are always found in local co-ops, local chain-supermarket branches, and across the state in NH liquor stores. 
7 We can take credit cards, checks or cash on Growler Days.

Any questions? Do call (603)448-1511 or write This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. . (You may know that, across the world, many many cider orchards sell most or all of their ciders to neighbors who bring their own containers - this is an old, old practice.)