FINAL 2020 GROWLER DAY is now set for Tuesday December 22, noon till five PM. Call 603/448-1511 with any questions. This is the third date we've set, so if we set off another blizzard we apologize to everyone concerned. (See photo below of conditions last week: the plow people just couldn't get through their routes fast enough to clear this exceptional snow fast enough.)

CREDIT CARDS OK for growlers, also cash & checks.
The growler day keg setup will be back in the old place, the cider room down in the big brown barn - park at the bottom of the yard, look for arrows, walk in through the weird old door.

Always sanitize your growlers at home
before bringing them in! We'll spot-sanitize where there's any contact but we can't do the full job on people's growlers.
OBVIOUSLY MASKS will be required! We'll all keep our distance, and again we'll sanitize contact points between our equipment and your growlers.

We've learned how to make a Covid-smart setup in the old barn, with a plexiglas screen, sanitizer, etc. So we feel able to welcome growler customers to the last G-day of 2020! We will sanitize our nozzles and your growlers wherever they touch. But we can't give your growlers the full-surface sanitizer rubdown - so please do that ahead. Bring them in nice and shiny.

Future Growler Days will be scheduled roughly twice a month. To know exactly, call (603)448-1511 to sign up for growler alerts, or email from our contact page HERE

All further suggestions welcome at (603)448-1511 or write Louisa at This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. .

Friday AM, 12/18:
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