It's a new year! Thursday, January 20th is the first G-day of 2022, noon to five PM. Drive in slowly and follow the arrows.

The next Growler Day will be Thursday, February 10.  All of you on the Growler email list receive advance notice. Anyone who wants to join the list, write
This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it..

Growlers are re-fillable half-gallon jugs that you can bring up the hill for filling on - no surprise - Growler Days. We try for at least one Growler Day a month through the year. Most are on Thursdays, some are on Saturdays. 

Basic facts 1-7:

1. Bring any suitable half-gallon jugs to fill with our dry, delicious Farnum Hill orchard ciders (7.5% alcohol by volume). You don't have to buy our growlers.
2. Refills on Growler Day cost $10.
3. New growlers from us cost $3 apiece.
4. We pour tastes of all the growler batches available.
5. We also pour tastes and sell our pre-bottled/canned/bagnum ciders.
6. FHC bottles/cans/bagnums are found in local co-ops, local chain-supermarket branches, and across the state in NH liquor stores
(also in several other states - check here for detailed info.)
7 We can take credit cards, checks or cash on Growler Days.

Obviously Growler Days lost their rhythm in 2020 and 2021. Now we're doing better, opening once a month. To all past growler customers, we're sorry you were left dry for such long intervals! We plan more growler days on tempo through the winter!.

Any questions? Do call (603)448-1511 or write This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.(You may know that, across the world, many many cider orchards sell most or all of their ciders to neighbors who bring their own containers - this is an old, old practice.)

To our dear FHC customers out in the wider world, thank you so much for buying FH ciders, either direct through Vinoshipper or in shops wherever we have distribution. We hope they bring enjoyment, any time you pour them.WEB Cloud IMG 6686 950x