Clearly orcharding is no action movie - nearly three weeks ago we published "Buds Boring: Rah!" and now it's "Bud-stage at 'Mouse-ear.'" When the tiny leaves inside the bud begin to curl outward into the open air, they look like cute rodent ears. In the picture, It looks messy, like bed-head.
These buds are on Wickson, our most hurry-up variety, a sharp cider apple that also tastes great. Looking along these Wickson rows today, April 23, a million bits of fuzzy lint seem stuck throughout the trees. With (cool) luck, leaves and flower-buds will slowly look more recognizable.
WEB Spring Rows Wick DabTo the right of these Wickson grow some Dabinett, an English bittersweet variety that tastes disturbing when fresh, but brings unbeatable flavors and body into fermented ciders. It blooms LATE. Pretty soon the difference pops out, as in this 2018 photo. Right now, our Dab buds show a little silver tip, as in that Wickson photo from 19 days ago. Slo-mo is good mo. More later!