It's been a busy harvest season! Now at last, home cidermakers can whiz up the hill to pick up the raw juice they ordered. Each year, especially for DIY cidermakers we press a juice blend from cider-apples that offer complexity, tannic structure, and refreshing flavor not generally possible with more familiar apple varieties.
So every fall, cidermakers drop off their empty carboys or other containers, with their names and contacts attached.
WEB Empty Carboys Photo
Late in the season, when we get time, we press and blend a mixture of juices capable of producing good fermentations. Then we call everyone to come get their containers! Each maker's individual style takes over from there - it is amazing how varied the final ciders can be...
Good luck, everyone!

May your ciders all be different, and all delicious. But if you're not happy with them, we'll feel your pain. We know all about flubs, you can't get good at this without'em!