We had a great time this past fall, and it seems visitors did too! We saw a lot of familiar faces from past seasons. Also, many many first-time visitors came, picked apples, chose pumpkins, walked the orchards and the woods, played cornhole, shopped the farmstand, had conversations, ate picnics, and generally hung out. Lots of you came more than once, looking for the later apple varieties you can only find here. We were short-staffed a lot of the time, but almost nobody complained. Altogether, a happy harvest retail season. Thank you to everyone!


Enjoy the full apple-picking season at Poverty Lane Orchards! Relax and feel at home, set up picnics, roam acres of orchard (the kids can’t run too far, there’s a tall fence around the whole place.) We start in early September when Macs and Cortlands are green and tart. As those ripen, the Macouns come on, then rarer apples such as Wickson, Calville Blanc d’hiver, Ashmead's Kernel, Golden Russet, Esopus Spitzenberg and more. Also there’s whole zoo of heirloom apples, mostly in small amounts, to check out and pick in late September-early October. (DIY hard-cider makers can pick bittersweet cider varieties.) Later PYO varieties include Golden Delicious, Newtown Pippin, and Baldwin. CALL (603)448-1511 for freshest info about availability! (Apple harvests are unpredictable.)

Plus we offer tractor-drawn wagon rides on fair weekends, two walking loops (1/2 and 1.2 mile) through orchards and woods, and in general a big peaceful place to explore, relax and hang out. There’s a wholesale harvest going on too, which is fun to see. Our picking crew rolls through the yard with big loads of apples. Taste the changing season with us! Different apples come in as the days grow more crisp and colorful. Celebrate fall, fruit, and open-air fun!

Activities at the orchard:
Trailer rides through the pick-your-own orchards on nice weekends (not fun in the wet).
Orchard & woods walks
Sitting around at picnic tables, also plenty of space to bring your own chairs or blankets and hang out in the orchard, or roam! Children's parties welcome (call ahead to reserve picnic tables).

CIDER TASTING: hard cider for 21 & over, fresh sweet cider for anybody

Our retail store offers:

Farnum Hill Extra Dry Cider (hard, 750ml Bottles, 7.5% ABV)
Farnum Hill Extra Dry Still Cider (hard, 1.5 Liter “Bagnums,” 7.5% ABV)
Farnum Hill Farmhouse Cider (hard, 12-oz can 4-pack)
Poverty Lane Orchards Fresh-pressed sweet cider, gallons and half-gallons
Chrysanthemums (“Mums”)
Apple Crisp Mix
Jams and Jellies - wide range of fruits, all NH-made
Honey from 2 NH beekeepers
Maple Syrup
Maple Candy
Maple Sugar
Maple Cream
Farnum Hill Sweatshirts
Poverty Lane Canvas Tote Bags