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Farnum Hill Ciders - enjoy!

Bring cheer and pleasure to so many moments, year-round, with our Farnum Hill Ciders. In these times of long evenings, they add pleasure to hearty meals, homey treats, festive events, quiet reads, whatever fits your frame. They're orchard ciders, made here from cider-grown apples planted and ripened for cider-making. Result? Delicious ciders that also light up flavors with all sorts of food.

Flavorful and keenly refreshing, the Extra Drys contain no sugar at all. ‘Farmhouse' contains a tiny .05% sugar. All three leave a clean, delicious finish on the palate, lighting up the flavors of many different foods. Alcohol by volume? 6.5-7.5% - just what our apples will make!

On Farnum Hill, we use the word “cider” to mean an alcoholic beverage fermented from particular apples, just as “wine” is fermented from particular grapes.

From dairy-land to orchard-land..

We are a mom and pop orchard and cidery owned and operated by Louisa Spencer and Stephen Wood. We have been growing apples since 1965.

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