In our retail stand, each week brings more varieties to choose from, starting with Ginger Gold and Paula Red, adding Macs, Corts, Macouns, Wickson, Elstar, Gala, Calville blanc, Jonagold, Ashmead’s Kernel, Ribston Pippin, Esopus Spitzenburg, and more. Many are also available in bulk for pies, apple sauce, canning. Our fresh sweet cider comes in when the apples sweeten up a little, our hard Farnum Hill ciders are available every day. Find mums, pumpkins, jams, jellies, maple candy, syrup, sugar, and more. Over-21’s can taste & buy our Farnum Hill ciders. Anyone can taste our amazing fresh-pressed sweet cider.

List of all the apples you can pick:
Calville blanc d’hiver
Golden Delicious
Ribston Pippin

PLUS in Sept-early October: small amounts of about 65 different apple varieties growing in our old trial orchard. A great place for fruit explorers to see and taste all kinds of apples, including:
- Yellow Newtown Pippin (maybe 15 bushels total)
- Baldwin (maybe 20 bushels total) down to smaller amounts of many more heirloom eating apples. Also some specialized bittersweet cider varieties for pressing at home.

Bulk Apples:
- Bulk half-bushel bags of Orchard Run Apples - half bushel, ungraded, same price as pick-your-own but less work
- Bulk half-bushel bags of Utility Grade Apples - excellent in quality but not in looks
- Bin lots of Drop Apples - 600lbs/15 bushels each (call for info)

Bulk fresh cider juices, blended for home fermentation, pressed at the end of the season for DIY hard cidermakers.

Call the Fruit Phone to find out when your favorites are coming on in the field or coming in to the retail stand: 603-448-1511.