98 Poverty Lane, Lebanon, New Hampshire 03766

(603) 448-1511


Our retail stand opens September 3rd (Hours here) In fall, you can get growlers and refills every day we're open but -- Thursday still stands out:
Fills are $10 Thursdays, $12 other days. Bring your empties (they don't have to come from here.) 

Growlers are re-fillable half-gallon jugs that you can bring up the hill for filling on - no surprise - Growler Days. We try for at least one Growler Day a month through the year. Most are on Thursdays, some are on Saturdays. Feel free to wander around in the orchards!

Basic facts 1-7:
1. Bring any suitable half-gallon jugs to fill with our  dry, delicious Farnum Hillorchard ciders (7.5% alcohol by volume). You don't have to buy our growlers.
2. Refills on Growler Day cost $10.
3. New growlers cost $3 apiece.
4. We pour tastes of all the growler batches available.
5. We also do tastes/sales of Farnum Hill pre-bottled/canned ciders: Extra Dry, Extra Dry Still, and Farmhouse. 
6. The FHC bottles & cans are always found in local co-ops, local chain-supermarket branches, and across the state in NH liquor stores. 
7 We can take credit cards, checks or cash on Growler Days.

Any questions? Do call (603)448-1511 or write This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. . (You may know that, across the world, many many cider orchards sell most or all of their ciders to neighbors who bring their own containers - this is an old, old practice.)
In the other three seasons we open for Growler Days about one Thursday a month. To get reminders, join the off-season growler email list: write This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. - that way you will receive reminders to help you plan.