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Farnum Hill "Growler Day"

Thursday OCTOBER 17th, 12-6 PM

Farnum Hill "Growler Day"

Thursday OCTOBER 24th, 12-6 PM

Farnum Hill "Growler Day"

Thursday OCTOBER 31st, 12-6 PM

Cider Tasting - Manchester, NH

Friday October 31 | 4:30 pm - 6:30 pm

This year, our much-anticipated Apple Zoo opens Saturday, October 12! Scores of varieties, most about ready to pick, some under-ripe, some over-ripe - taste-testing tells you what to pick. We'll hand out a printed guide to the orchard which identifies each variety on each of the numbered trees.

There will be some uncommon apple varieties in the barn as well - bring bags whether you're picking or just tasting! 

(For new visitors: this was our original test orchard, where we figured out which of the world's thousands of apple varieties we should grow here. We grafted small twigs (scions) of the trial varieties on the big old trees in this orchard, "Two Below the Barn" because a small graft on a big tree will make apples within very few years! Graft a hundred different varieties in one year, you can evaluate them for quality pretty fast, in fruit-tree time! Plant a hundred little apple trees grafted to different varieties - you'll wait much longer before seeing apples and there won't be many to work with...)

For years we had to keep visitors OUT of this orchard because we needed the precious test apples to test for eating, cooking and cider-fermentation. But eventually we decided which varieties to plant on a serious commercial scale, and then this orchard became an annual funfest for fruit-fanciers. (Downloadable chart here.)

AHEM - Each year we urge certain people - you know who you are - NOT TO TAKE ALL THE APPLES of their favorite varieties. PLEASE don't spoil the fun of discovery for other people!  Yes, we mean you with the walkie-talkies and the team strategy! While we're on the subject, PLEASE don't come on Friday and get all testy when we remind you that this orchard opens on Saturday...  read more

We're now well into our harvest retail season. Still loads of snappy Macs & Cortlands on the trees, not to mention spectacular Macouns. Also - while they last - you can pick Ribston Pippin, Wickson and Calville Blanc d'hiver in the top rows of our Big Stearns orchard. For those you must use your own judgment: taste one and decide whether to pick more!

Not picking? Check the retail stand for bagged Macs, Corts. Macouns, Gala, Jonogold, Elstar, two kinds of pears and more. ALWAYS CALL 603/448-1511 for the latest varieties in from the field. No way we can keep this website current with the day-to-day real-life harvest

Every week is different during the harvest! Come see what's coming in: 9-6 weekdays, 10-5 weekends and holidays.

As the fall goes on, more and more delicious pick-your-own and ready-picked fruit comes on! Read more

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Pick-Your-Own customers FYI:

This year we're pushing you to bring your own containers by charging money for the bags you get at the farm. Obviously we do not want to sell bags, so please: anything you have that holds apples. Take those containers into the fields, and pick into'em.

There will be a convenient place for weighing your container so we can subtract that weight when you check out.  Even if you pick into cast-iron kettles it will be cheaper than getting bags from us! (If this effort works, maybe we'll collect photos of wacky containers! But first it has to work.)

We've been having very interesting talks with the people who run Lebanon's recycling/landfill operation. They are pressing their Refill Not Landfill campaign, and we want to help.

There are surprising stories attached to every daily disposal decision. We'll try to present those stories in a helpful way for those who want to take a look. So when you get here there should be some informative posters up.

See you soon!  Link here to Farm-stand

Farnum Hill’s second run of Farmhouse 12-oz four-packs is ready to ship. Our first canning venture in 2018 went so well that this summer we’ve canned three times as much Farmhouse. Distribution is set for New Hampshire, Massachusetts, Maine, New York, and perhaps other northeastern states.

Introducing Odd Crush – Back in the 1990’s Farnum Hill began making and promoting small-scale hand-made orchard ciders in local markets while Woodchuck was making novel, variously flavored “six-pack” ciders, sold nationwide. From New Hampshire and Vermont, our this odd duo showed the way toward today’s wildly diverse, country-wide American cider industry! Now, twenty-odd years on, we’re looking around and saluting each other in this special cider, which brings together our different styles, different techniques, and our different apples in a deliciously “Odd Crush.”

These photos show apple trees being changed from one kind of apple to another. See the little leafy stub sticking out from the main stem of this tree? That stub will become the whole new top of the tree! Here, we’re working this switcheroo on about 1200 trees, through the magic of grafting.