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Farnum Hill "Growler Day"

Thursday SEPTEMBER 5th, 12-6 PM

Farnum Hill "Growler Day"

Thursday SEPTEMBER 19th, 12-6 PM

Farnum Hill’s second run of Farmhouse 12-oz four-packs is ready to ship. Our first canning venture in 2018 went so well that this summer we’ve canned three times as much Farmhouse. Distribution is set for New Hampshire, Massachusetts, Maine, New York, and perhaps other northeastern states.

Introducing Odd Crush – Back in the 1990’s Farnum Hill began making and promoting small-scale hand-made orchard ciders in local markets while Woodchuck was making novel, variously flavored “six-pack” ciders, sold nationwide. From New Hampshire and Vermont, our this odd duo showed the way toward today’s wildly diverse, country-wide American cider industry! Now, twenty-odd years on, we’re looking around and saluting each other in this special cider, which brings together our different styles, different techniques, and our different apples in a deliciously “Odd Crush.”

These photos show apple trees being changed from one kind of apple to another. See the little leafy stub sticking out from the main stem of this tree? That stub will become the whole new top of the tree! Here, we’re working this switcheroo on about 1200 trees, through the magic of grafting.