98 Poverty Lane, Lebanon, New Hampshire 03766

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Poverty Lane Orchards, Fall 2023, RETAIL WITH NO APPLES!

News Flash! We have orchards with almost no apples in 2023. Our locally-famous apples froze, way back in May. BUT we’ll open Thursdays-Sundays starting September 9, because it’s still gorgeous up here! Thursdays through Sundays, the orchard store will be open through October. Cash/checks will be needed Thurs, Fri, and Sun - Saturdays we can take credit cards too. Why?

Back in May, night temperatures dropped to 21 degrees F. The freeze destroyed the tiny just-formed apples and most of the remaining blossoms. On Saturdays only, we’re staffed to offer Farnum Hill Ciders plus a good array of local seasonal treats. On Thursdays, Fridays and Sundays there will be an honesty box that takes cash or check only for many non-alcoholic fall treats. Come up for space, views, beauty, walks, picnic tables. Bring a gang, run and play!

On Farnum Hill, we use the word “cider” to mean an alcoholic beverage fermented from particular apples, just as “wine” is fermented from particular grapes.

From dairy-land to orchard-land..

We are a mom and pop orchard and cidery owned and operated by Louisa Spencer and Stephen Wood. We have been growing apples since 1965.

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