In Spring 2020, who doesn't know that the future is hard to shape right now?
We're studying procedures established by Pick-Your-Own produce operations already open further south in the U.S. Ordinarily we'd expect to open raspberries a little after July 4, with an honesty box but no supervision. When raspberries end we'd close again till the apple crop becomes ready for picking - sometimes Labor Day Weekend, sometimes a week later. 

We're having masks made for our employees' future use, and ordering bulk sanitizer, but for actual procedures in the yard and in the field we'll have to wait and see. As many of you know our parking is limited: under distancing rules it will be even more limited!

If you have any suggestions from a customer's POV about how to run pick-your-own, we would LOVE to hear them. Write to This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. directly!  Some PYO farms are taking reservations, some are letting a limited quota of people into each field at a time, and so on.

LAST YEAR'S FORECAST: We hope most of this will happen this year!

No two years are alike, but in every harvest season, we offer many kinds of apples to pick, taste, & take home ready-picked. Big, small, sour, sweet, red, green, yellow, gold, squeezed fresh for Poverty Lane sweet cider or squeezed & fermented for Farnum Hill ‘real’ ciders, the fruit you find here offers pleasure and surprise to just about everyone. (The land around here grows shockingly good apples, some of the best in the world — and some lovely pears too.)

SEPTEMBER: Early on, you’ll find ready-picked Ginger Golds and Paula Reds, pick-your-own Macs and Cortlands, plus Clapp’s Favorite pears. Soon the Macouns, Gala, and some early heirloom apples come on.

Later in September we should have our truly spectacular Poverty Lane sweet cider – unpasteurized, containing no ‘drop’ apples (it was drops, contaminated on the ground, that started the scares that led to widespread pasteurization of sweet cider. So we squeeze only tree-picks, and don’t pasteurize.)

forecast MacsCortsBigStearns

As September passes and October begins, more and more varieties of apples & two more kinds of pears come on!

4-5 weeks into harvest, you can explore and pick in our amazing trial orchard, Two Below the Barn, containing dozens of different apple varieties, some early, some very late (variety chart here.) IN 2019, EVERYTHING SEEMS TO BE RIPENING LATE. So call 603/448-1511. Visit often for: unbelievably good fruit, free tastes of everything we grow or make, free wagon rides on fair weekends, picnic tables all the time, views across the valley, acres of space inside a big fence (kids can run far, but can’t get lost). Local pumpkins, gourds, squash, jams & jellies, but no candy racks, and no pressure.

LATER IN OCTOBER, our free and famous heirloom apple tasting sets up in the farm stand – chomp into apples that Louis XIV, George Washington, Thomas Jefferson, and other bygone celebrities enjoyed in their day! IMPORTANT – CALL US UP ON THE ACTUAL NO-KIDDING TELEPHONE WITH QUESTIONS ABOUT YOUR FAVORITE VARIETIES, WHAT’S HAPPENING WHEN, ETC. ETC. NO TWO YEARS ARE ALIKE! 603/448-1511 Why? Its the best way to get the freshest information. Every harvest season is unpredictable, and we just can not answer emails or update the website as fast as we can talk on the phone!

More Farmstand treats: squash, gourds & pumpkins from MacLenan Farm, Taylor Brothers’ maple syrup, John Morin’s honey, jams & jellies from Apple Hill Farm, T-shirts, books and more! Questions? CALL 603/448-1511

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GROWLER DAY has a different Fall form, with the orchard open 9am-6pm* on weekdays, 10am-5pm weekends and holidays, up to Halloween. Anyway, a Thirsty Thursday in the Fall gets you $2 off each growler refill! *Actually when it starts to get dark early we go to 5pm weekdays too.

Then, back to good old not-so-scenic Growler Day, most Thursdays through winter, spring & summer, 12-6pm down in the cider room. Please check the calendar or join us on Facebook for specific growler info. (BRING ID if you join us in person, please.)

Map & Directions  | Contact

What’s growler day? It’s a fill-your-own way to take home our pleasantly alcoholic Farnum Hill Ciders. Cider orchards the world around sell their fermentations to locals who bring in refillable containers. They’ve done it for centuries, we’ve done it for about five years now. Here, you come taste through the ciders on offer, buy a half-gallon growler for $3 if you need one, fill it for $12, refill on future Thursdays. During these hours you can also buy any of the FH blends now in the market.

P.S. Kindly understand that we don’t redeem the one-time $3 fee for your growler bottles: the whole idea is for you to keep’em and keep refilling’em. (If you go off cider, pass them along to others. They also convert very nicely into lamps.)

Also, find our Farnum Hill ciders locally in stores listed on the Where-To-Buy page: NH liquor stores, the Co-ops, Price Choppers, etc