Hi neighbors! GROWLER DAY SCHEDULED FOR FEB 18, THURSDAY 12-5 PM in the old cider room, where the tanks have quieted down...

It's another old-style growler day in the old place with new-style conditions (please sanitize all your growlers at home before you bring them in, wear your mask except when tasting.) There will be a few arrows for newcomers to find the "old place" - it's down behind the big old brown barn. (For people who first came up here during 2020 retail, it's NOT the big new building where we had the farmstand, but the lower one to the right. You'll see.)

Please sanitize the surfaces of your growlers at home. We will sanitize our nozzles and your growlers wherever they touch, but we can't give your growlers the full-surface sanitizer rubdown. Bring them in nice and shiny.

Any questions? Do call (603)448-1511 or write This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. .

To our dear FHC customers out in the wider world, thank you so much for buying FH ciders, either direct through Vinoshipper or in shops wherever we have distribution. Good luck to us all in this new chapter of history... but we digress.
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