Update on Odd Crush – So the special collaboration released just a few months ago went out pretty well. We're trying to find out where it might still be available, so far no luck. In case you run across Odd Crush, here's the description: http://www.woodchuck.com/cider/odd-crush/ ! And let us know where you spotted it!

Back in the 1990’s Farnum Hill began making and promoting small-scale hand-made orchard ciders in local markets while Woodchuck was making novel, variously flavored “six-pack” ciders, sold nationwide. From New Hampshire and Vermont, this odd duo showed the way toward today’s wildly diverse, country-wide American cider industry! Now, twenty-odd years on, we’re looking around and saluting each other in this special cider, which brings together our different styles, different techniques, and our different apples in a deliciously “Odd Crush.”

This dry cider is much drier than most Woodchuck ciders and sweeter than most Farnum Hill ciders. It blends Vermont apples from Woodchuck’s apple growers with bittersweet apples harvested at their peak on Farnum Hill. Its fruity notes of peach, raspberry and citrus lead into a clean finish, excellent with food. Find it in select markets, including of course Vermont and New Hampshire, starting in July. Odd Crush will available in 4-pack 12-oz cans for $13.99 at retail, and also in 15.5-gallon kegs. We  had a lot of fun making this cider and thinking about our shared history and the amazing growth in American cider since we started.